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KF99 KQ105 Outdoors

"Outdoors with Lanny Callicott Radio Show"
Week Of April 4th


Back in the early 70's, 1973 to be exact, Lanny Callicott of Union City Tennessee came up with an idea.  The idea “ Outdoors with Lanny Callicott “ outdoors radio show which aired each and every Saturday  morning at 6:30 AM on 1240 WENK AM Radio in Union City Tennessee for a 15 minute radio show.  Lanny, a very well know crappie fisherman and outdoorsman came up with the idea along with local businessman Bill Koupa and Terry Hailey.  Koupa was the owner of K & D Drug Company and main sponsor of the radio show and was the Hailey, part owner and general manager of 1240 AM WENK radio station in Union City.  The Outdoors show has been on the air ever since.


Since the start of the outdoors radio show, dad has interviewed several folks and said many names on the air.  He really likes to hear reports that include kids and their parents.  He likes sharing memories made with a  father/son or father /daughter, about that first duck , deer or fish.   There have even been shows taped while duck hunting on Reelfoot Lake.   Dad ( Lanny ) has always been one to be himself when it comes to reporting information to you, the listeners.  He tells and reports the truth about all issues.  Over the many years Lanny has seen the outdoor world change in many ways especially around the Reelfoot Lake area.  He is the owner of one of the original Reelfoot Lake boats made by Dale Calhoun back in the early 60's and this boat is still just as new now as it was then.  Now, the  Reelfoot Lake Boats  have been replaced with  mostly Outboard motors and aluminum boats .  Trips that use to take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours now take just a few minutes to cross the lake. 


One person who remembered  those long trips across Reelfoot Lake and a  memorable  moment that my dad recalls is when he was able to interview his grandfather-in-law and my great-grandfather  Clarence   “ Speedy “ Spicer..   My father interviewed him back in the mid 1970's and was able to make several shows out of this taping.  Speedy Spicer was a professional guide and commercial fisherman on Reelfoot Lake for over 60 years.  One thing that was said during this interview was when Speedy was exiting one of the ditches on Reelfoot Lake, he turned around and  saw a Black  Bear.  These  bears were far and few between around these parts back in the 30's & 40's. 


The show  use to be done live at the start but work time at our regular jobs  required us to now tape the shows earlier in the week for the weekend airing.  This is mainly due to Lanny’s full time job as a truck driver at Reynolds Brothers Oil Company preceded by Reelfoot Packing Company for over 28 years.  Dad has now been behind the steering wheel of a truck for over 40 years and has covered millions of miles across the United States


Now, I ( Brent Callicott ) have come on board with dad helping him with his radio show.  I help dad from time to time filling in and getting reports as well.   The show  now has a somewhat different format than what use to be on the air.  First, we are now on 3 Western Tennessee radio stations. The show can be heard from the Mississippi River to Clarksville Tennessee and into Western  Kentucky.  WENK 1240 AM in Union City and WTPR 710 AM and 101.7 FM in Paris Tennessee and the Kentucky Lake area are stations that now carry the outdoors show.  Also, if you want to say, we have gone world wide with the internet.  The internet allows people that use to live here in the area to listen in and keep up with what is going on in the outdoors world.   The show which is split into two different segments.  The first segment is the fishing report which is a 2 minute show that has only fishing reports and then the other segment which is 5 minutes long goes into more detail on fishing reports and area wide information.  The show is now on at least 60 different times during the weekend from Friday through Sunday. 


Our audience has a wide range of listeners from the very young to the much older generation.  We receive call, letters and e-mails from folks all over the area and have met many new friends.  We ask everyone to please  report to us your special outing with your friend,  youngster or just a trip to remember you were on by yourself.  We will also pass along any information that is something the community will benefit from and is free.

Lanny is a member of the Pure Fishing Select Anglers Program which own around 14 different major fishing companies.

 As for Brent, he is currently on the following National and Regional Pro Staffs as well as several Select Anglers Programs:


Strike King Lure Company, Rage Tail Lures, MinnKota Trolling Motors, Humminbird, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Pflueger Reels, AllStar Rods, Pure Fishing Companies, Columbia Sportswear, Berkley, and Plano Tackle Systems.


Brent  also writes weekly reports and fishing articles for The Jackson Sun, the Messenger in Union City and Tennessee Wildside Weekly Pro Staff


Other affiliations are The Reelfoot Lake Bass Club, FLW Outdoors, B A S S,

Tennessee Bass Federation, Advisor for the University of Tennessee at Martin Collegiate Bass Fishing Team, and the Reelfoot Lake Junior Bass Club.


Our goal is to report and share information with you ( the listeners ) that has been passed on to us by someone.  We want to keep the public informed of anything relating to the outdoors.  So if you have any hunting, fishing or outdoors event that you want to pass along to us for on air use please e-mail us at:  Or call Lanny ( 731-885-1305)  or  Brent ( 731-885-7109 ).


For those of you who have listened to our show know that dad always ends with a saying that no one has forgotten,  “ we want thank you for listening and we hope you have a real nice day “.  


So if you have never met either one of us and see us out, please come up to us and say hello.  We would love to hear from our listeners.   Thanks and Happy Fishing.


Lanny & Brent Callicott

Union City, Tennessee




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